My Little trip to Paris 

Hi babes! In my earlier post, i mentioned my little 5day schooltrip  to paris. 
I love Paris, and when it comes down to trips like these, i like to search all over instagram, tumblr, pinterest to see where i want to go to shop, eat and do stuff. Now since it was a school trip, i didn’t do/ate much of the places i had found. Still i had a great time and i’d like to share some photo’s and recommendations! 

Day 1 

Day 1 started early, 5:30am for me to be precise, since we had to be at school at 6:30am. When we all arrived at school we took the bus for a 7hour ride, till we arrived in the oh so lovely paris. Imideatly after we dropped off our stuff in our rooms, we headed to the Notredam and dinner afterwards. This would be the only restaurant in Paris i could truly recommend you. After looking for ages, we sat down at a pizza restaurant called ‘magaritha’ but this place was amazing. Besides the fact that it looked super cute, i had the best pizza EVER in this place, such a lovely evening! And later this evening we went on a boat-tour on the Seine, which was really nice. 



Thuesday morning we visited Versailles, i loved it to be honest, it was such an amazing place to take pictures. And it was gorgeous to look at. Though it was super crouded sadly. After lunch we were supposed to see the place Napoleon was burried, but instead me and 2 friends run off to a Kenzo store near by. (I bought a kenzo shirt i’ll show you guys in a outfit post soon!) after dinner we visited the Eiffeltower. This was one of my most favourite things to do this trip. I had been to paris and the eiffel tower before, but this was my first time going up. We went to the top and had a gorgeous view. And because we didn’t wanted to wait for the elevater we went down by taking the stairs, which actually was so much fun, i’d totally suggest that! 


Day 3:

Today we went to the natural history museum, montmarte, sacre-coeur, arc the triophe and Champs Elysees, (which was the best part of the day, cause we got to go shop) (+!totally go and visit the Louis Vuitton and Abercrombie store, since these buildings are amazing!) and then louvre, which i also really liked, though the Mona Lisa was slightly dissapointing. And in the late evening ‘paris by night’ with our bus. 



Day 4:

Disney! I had been to disney once before at age of 6, but was so excited to go and visit again. I felt like a little girl again when me and my best friend bought a enourmous lollypop and ate this while in the ‘turning cups’. We simply went in almost every attraction, and had so much fun. Especially the light show at the castle at night was spectacular. With water, and fireworks, so beautiful! 


Day 5:

Shopping at Printemps in the morning, got the time to get some macaroons from Laduree, and afterwards back into the bus. Way to short this trip, while others were looking forward to go home again, i’d preffer to tie myself to a tree and stay, haha. 

I hoped you liked this post, and have a nice weekend! 

XOXO Sophia 

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