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5 trends that we learned from the Yves Saint Laurent show in Paris.


I am a big fan of this trend, especially the boots are stunning, such a stunning standout item to have in your closet and lift the spirits of any outfit.


I immediately got Pirate of the Caribbean vibes by watching these loose blouses down the runway, but as an inhabitant of the Caribbean island Curacao, these comfy and breezy yet fashionable blouses are a trend I am definitely down for.


The white lace tops that Yves Saint Laurent stunned us with, impressed me the most. All of these tops are simply stunning and I truly admire the designs. I can guarantee that you’ll look like a piece of art wearing any of these lace tops.


Tributes to disco have been seen a lot the previous fashion weeks and Yves Saint Laurent corporates the disco vibe perfectly in their style be keeping it to black coats.


Leather dresses aren’t quite a new trend, but Yves Saint Laurent added their own twist to the classic leather dress by adding either a puffed skirt or a puffed top. You will definitely be an eye catcher in this unique piece!

Overall, was the Yves Saint Laurent show stunning. And I can’t wait to see different bloggers and celebrities rocking these new trends. Let me know your thoughts on these trends, would you like to rock one of these items?

All the best,


The Chic Adventurer

Hi guys!

It has been a while, today I have an outfit post shot at a very interesting location… was I in a plane crash? Luckily no, but I found a stunning abandoned plane that used to be a restaurant once. I couldn’t wait to shoot some photo’s here since I found the location so artistic, and I decided to also show my outfit of the day.

Today I am wearing a simple little black dress, it is a classic must for in your closet, I wear it all the time and this one was also really affordable as well since I got it at Forever 21.

But what makes this oufit really stand out is the amazingggg jackt I am wearing. I just love it! You can never go wrong with a good denim jacket and this one also was super affordable since I got it from the Shein shop, this shop has so many options at such a good price.

To make the outfit a day to night look I added the heels, with this outfit you can go from shopping (or exploring abandoned plains) to an awesome night out!

Let me know your thoughts on todays post! Should I upload a travel diary on my trip to Peru?

Have a lovely day guys!

All the best,


Dressing up

 Recently I got this new chic dress, and I love it. I mean, how could I not?  When in doubt, a LBD is always a good idea!

This dress is due to the material and lace details quite a fancy dress, which is great for those evenings when I am going out to dinner. I’ll just add this pair of heels, and my little watermelon pink MK bag to add some colour. In fact, tonight I’ll be heading out in this exact outfit for my dad’s birthday dinner. Great thing is: it’s really comfy as well.

The pictures I took today have all been taken in the backyard of my new home, I’ll give you an update very soon about how my life in Curacao has been these last months.

If you’d like to shop the dress I wore today you can use this link: ?


I’ll speak to you soon!


XOXO Sophia


Hi babes,

It’s been a while, but then I’d have to say, a lot has been going on. 

Yes, it’s official. 

I am Moving to Curacao, a island in the (dutch) caribean, in South America. Kinda crazy, huh? 

So this is how it all happend: 

Back in the beginning of the year, march something, my mum saw a job opening of a job she really liked to do, in Curaçao. My mum asked us what we thought about it and if she should try to apply. We liked the idea, and my mum aplied for the job, even though we never expected this to truly happen. 

And so as my mum appeared to be a good match for the job, we visited the island to see if we would like to actually move there. (Which we did, obviously). 

My parents always had a dream to work abroad, but they always expected it would be for my dad’s job instead of my mums. 
My dad will continue the job he is currently doing, abroad. He works in the container shipping business, so will see how that goes. 

As for me, I’ll continue the same ‘dutch’ schooling as I am currently doing. (4havo for the dutchies). I’ll go to a private Dutch school since I won’t really be able to graduate in ‘papiamento’ (a spanish/ portugese language they speak there besides dutch) in 1,5 year on a local school. I think this also will make it easier for me to connect with others, since those students come and go all the time. 

What do I think about it? Is a question i get asked often. Well, ofcourse i have ‘double’ feelings, on one hand I’ll have to miss all my friends and Family and everything I am used to, but on the other hand I love different cultures and I think you should get out of your comfort zone every once in a while. I think this would be an amazing life experience for me, which will make me grow as a human, as cliché as that may sound. 

Overall I am excited, my parents will go for 3years but I am free to go back in 1,5years, as soon as I have finished high school. And in those 1,5years I’ll go back to visit holland, and my friends and family will go and visit me there. I think the time will adventually fly by. 
We have already bought a house and are currently busy with the entire moving progress etc. We are expected to move around January 15th. 

So, there you have it. 

I’ll continue blogging ofcourse, I actualy think my blog may get more interesting because of this. But keep an eye on my insta & blog and I’ll keep you updated! 

Speak to you soon! 






Dress: Monki/ shoes: Addidas​ Stan Smith/ bag: Zara/ lipstick: M.A.C. – Russian red  

Hi babes!
I’m pretty sure every girl knows that the LBD is a essential. Now this one might not be so ‘little’ but a nice black dress is always welcome! I got this one at Monki and I’m obsessed. The turtleneck and slip give it a bit of a ‘sexy’ touch, but combined with some sneakers you can also wear it pretty casual. 







Fall outfit inspiration

I love Fall outfits, simply cause I love layering, long coats, sweathers, the cozyness and colours and much more. Since I’ve been so busy lately I decided to create some outfits that I would wear this fall and to get some inspiration off. 
Since I was able to choose out off an entire bunch of clothes, I did add some more expensive items (just the absolute to die for designer bags). But I mostly sticked to shops I personally always like to shop! 


Coat: Monki/ top: Zara/ skirt: Zara/ heels: Zara/ sunglasses: Celine/ bag: Etudes Studio 


Coat: Zara/ shirt: Shop Sincerly Jules/ jeans: Topshop/ scarf: H&M/ bag: Givency/ shoes: converse X Comme des Garcons.


Sleeveles leather jacket: Mango/ shirt: Comme des Garcons/ jeans: Mango/ shoes: Zara/ bag: Balenciaga

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you would like me to make more of these let me know, cause I surpriseingly enjoy making them!

Speak to you soon!




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My Little trip to Paris 

Hi babes! In my earlier post, i mentioned my little 5day schooltrip  to paris. 
I love Paris, and when it comes down to trips like these, i like to search all over instagram, tumblr, pinterest to see where i want to go to shop, eat and do stuff. Now since it was a school trip, i didn’t do/ate much of the places i had found. Still i had a great time and i’d like to share some photo’s and recommendations! 

Day 1 

Day 1 started early, 5:30am for me to be precise, since we had to be at school at 6:30am. When we all arrived at school we took the bus for a 7hour ride, till we arrived in the oh so lovely paris. Imideatly after we dropped off our stuff in our rooms, we headed to the Notredam and dinner afterwards. This would be the only restaurant in Paris i could truly recommend you. After looking for ages, we sat down at a pizza restaurant called ‘magaritha’ but this place was amazing. Besides the fact that it looked super cute, i had the best pizza EVER in this place, such a lovely evening! And later this evening we went on a boat-tour on the Seine, which was really nice. 



Thuesday morning we visited Versailles, i loved it to be honest, it was such an amazing place to take pictures. And it was gorgeous to look at. Though it was super crouded sadly. After lunch we were supposed to see the place Napoleon was burried, but instead me and 2 friends run off to a Kenzo store near by. (I bought a kenzo shirt i’ll show you guys in a outfit post soon!) after dinner we visited the Eiffeltower. This was one of my most favourite things to do this trip. I had been to paris and the eiffel tower before, but this was my first time going up. We went to the top and had a gorgeous view. And because we didn’t wanted to wait for the elevater we went down by taking the stairs, which actually was so much fun, i’d totally suggest that! 


Day 3:

Today we went to the natural history museum, montmarte, sacre-coeur, arc the triophe and Champs Elysees, (which was the best part of the day, cause we got to go shop) (+!totally go and visit the Louis Vuitton and Abercrombie store, since these buildings are amazing!) and then louvre, which i also really liked, though the Mona Lisa was slightly dissapointing. And in the late evening ‘paris by night’ with our bus. 



Day 4:

Disney! I had been to disney once before at age of 6, but was so excited to go and visit again. I felt like a little girl again when me and my best friend bought a enourmous lollypop and ate this while in the ‘turning cups’. We simply went in almost every attraction, and had so much fun. Especially the light show at the castle at night was spectacular. With water, and fireworks, so beautiful! 


Day 5:

Shopping at Printemps in the morning, got the time to get some macaroons from Laduree, and afterwards back into the bus. Way to short this trip, while others were looking forward to go home again, i’d preffer to tie myself to a tree and stay, haha. 

I hoped you liked this post, and have a nice weekend! 

XOXO Sophia 

Sweather Weather | Paris 

Sweatshirt: Kenzo; / jeans: Monki / sunglasses: Prada / bag: Micheal Kors simulair: / shoes: vans 

Hi loves,
It’s been a while, but i’m back to blogging! I just got back from a 5day (school)trip to Paris, and had a blast. I love Paris so much, the buildings, desserts, and the language, I find it all gorgeous. 

Today is a little outfit post, this isn’t a very spectacular outfit, but great for days you want to be comfortable and still look a bit put together. I’ve had this sweatshirt for about a year now and i’m still in love with it. It was so comfortable during the 7hour busride, but also classy enough to step out into the lovely Paris with. My friend was kind enough to take some random pictures of me before heading out to dinner, so here they are. You’ll see more pictures in a upcoming blogpost soon! 

Have a nice day! 


Dressing up | a day in Amsterdam 


   Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs // bag: H&M // heels: Omoda // watch: Daniel Wellington // sunglasses: Prada 
Hi Loves,
Last week, while I was still school-free, I went to visit Amsterdam with one of my best friends. We shot a few photo’s of our outfit’s so we could make outfit posts. (may’s blog is coming soon!) 
Practicully all we did was stumbling a bit through the city, go inside a few shops, have lunch and go home, but it was a blast. I always love days like these, and Amsterdam, I can’t wait to go and study in this city in a few years. 

I was wearing this dress I actually got for a wedding, now i know this isn’t a very ‘weddingly-like’ dress, haha. But after trying on a lot of ted baker/karen Millen dresses, I finally found one that I could wear multiple times, then just one. I personally love this dress cause it looks chic but it’s also really comfortable. 
Great thing was, I wasn’t the only person who liked it. I got multiple compliments, and when May and I visited the Bijenkorf (a very luxurious shop) the people for once gave us samples, and smiled at me when i was touching a Givency Bag, such a nice thing to expierience, me and May felt really fabulous, haha. 

We had lunch at Sla, which is a dutch salade bar, were you can put together your own salade, it was so delicous! And healthy aswell ofcourse, I’ll definetly visit this place again! 

Well to anyone who, as me, has started school again. Good luck!! 

Thanks for reading!